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 Stratasys Stereolithography (SLA) Applications

Stratasys Stereolithography (SLA) Applications


Stratasys stereolithography systems have been utilised in many sectors of the defence industry for both the validation of pre-production parts through to actual functional parts used in a prototype robotic snake. The snake has the unique ability to enter collapsed buildings that are deemed either too dangerous or impossible to infiltrate by humans.

Consumer Goods

From vacuum cleaners to satellite dishes, lawn trimmers to shaving razors, Stratasys 3D stereolithography printers are at work enabling major brands to design, manufacture and launch their products quicker than ever before and with reduced risk of error at the manufacturing stage.
Geberit, ID Group, KVK Part 1 & 2, Lucas, Once, Sahameter, Tescoma, Zebco

Consumer Electronics

More and more we rely on technology to help manage our work and leisure time more effectively. Stratasys is the platform of choice for many of the world’s leading electronic goods manufacturers, and as such the next MP3 player, cell phone or must have gadget will possibly start its life as an Stratasys stereolithography prototype part.
Balba, Vista, Estec, Fender, Logitech, Matsushita, Peltor, Top Notch design

Jewellery Design with Stereolithography

Requiring the ability to print fine details with precise accuracy, Stratasys systems are used both by educational establishments and manufacturers alike to assist in the design and development of many of today’s designer brands including Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent and Paul Smith to name but a few.


With Stratasys stereolithography, Architectural firms both large and small have the ability to print accurate models with smooth surfaces and thin vertical walls, from the comfort of their office. Our systems are clean and environmentally friendly and offer the opportunity to print geometrical shapes that really push the boundaries.
Artech, Rietveld, Camerino


Stratasys systems offer the RP service bureau with a unique opportunity. Using Stratasys' patented Polyjet Matrix printing technology available on the Connex family of 3D printers, you can build models that are closer to the finished part much earlier in the product life cycle. Stratasys' digital composite materials provide real opportunities in both look, feel and function.
Aran, Digital Mechanics, ID Group, IPF, Vista

Sporting Goods

We all know about Beckhams famous right foot, but ever wondered how they design, develop and manufacture the football boots worn by today’s top players. Stratasys systems are used by leading sporting goods manufacturers to create class winning products used by us all including trainers, running shoes, leisure shoes and football boots.
Adidas, E BURTON

TV/Film / Entertainment

With the growing popularity and use of CGI (computer generated imagery) and stop-motion animation techniques in the entertainment and film industry, Stratasys has become a major player in this field. Production and special effects companies now have access to the most technology advanced and reliable modelling systems available. Stratasys has been involved in film productions such as Coraline and Iron Man and helped in the development of the computer video game Halo.


Models with multiple moving parts, in different shades and textures are all possible using an Stratasys 3D printer. Products such as electronic toys and games consoles that require a high degree of fit, form and function testing prior to the production stage can be realised. Additionally, marketing teams can quickly evaluate a new product and receive valuable feedback from user and focus groups well before production has even started.
Cyberman, Mega House, Nimrod, Once, Design Works, Coraline


From the soft touch control buttons on your in-car entertainment system to the vents that circulate the air flowing through your cars climate-control system, Stratasys systems have played a vital part in helping manufacturers design, test and validate parts and assemblies found in all of today’s automobiles.
Nimrod, ID Group, AP Racing


Stratasys has a long history of providing accurate and detailed models for use in the medical sector. Using materials that are bio-compatible and tested against irritation, sensitization, cytoxicity, and USP Class VI. Stratasys systems can produce accurate anatomical models printed from scan data (DICOM, MRI & CT) and are used to assist surgeons in pre-surgery planning, as well as the development of implants used in cranial and maxillofacial reconstructive surgery.
Anthropo, Bioorep, Ivivi, Nordic, Orchard, Twins

Stratasys parts are also used in the production of surgical and dental guides, as well as BTE (Behind the ear) hearing aids.

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